Due Diligence

Unfortunately not all cross-border business transactions are as smooth as we would have hoped for.

Company Due Diligence Report

This free of charge preliminary service aims to provide background checks on potential business partners in order to build certainty and prevent fraud in international business transactions.

The chamber has access to extensive data repository which allows us to perform Due Diligence on registered entities in Malaysia. This service is designed to mitigate risks by filling information gaps with respect to potential counter parties. Due Diligence provides greater accuracy when accessing risks of cross-border business engagements.

Information provided in your Due Diligence report may include:

  • Company registration status
  • Litigation history
  • Financial standing and assessment
  • Matters that may be pertinent to procurement

Please note that this service is free of charge but information which requires the disclosure of financial standings and/or assessment of financial matters may involve charges.

Need more information?

For more information on this service or to discuss Due Diligence report please contact the Trade Services team on info@bmcc.org.my. We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.