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BMCC offers networking contacts for all of its members, particularly with Government officials, with particular relevance to smaller and newer members who often lack the resources of the larger and longer established older members.

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With an impressive membership that reads like the Who’s Who in British business, BMCC has been an invaluable travelling companion, bringing our two nations together by finding common opportunities. - Prime Minister of Malaysia

Our membership has now grown to an all-time high of 360 represented companies and network of over 190,000 employees serving those members companies. What this really translates into is more meaningful networking pool that provides and ecosystem for sharing experiences and ideas with peers. 2015 will be no less dynamic with further expansion of the Business Groups, continued website improvements and an improved communications strategy.

We offer three (7) categories of membership to match with your company status. You have to renew your membership on an annual basis, unless you want to opt-out of renewal. We will remind you to renew before your membership expires or you can check the end date of your membership by selecting your own membership through our directory.

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BMCC Membership Benefits

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