Over 300 Leading Businesses in Malaysia

BMCC offers networking contacts for all of its members, particularly with Government officials, with particular relevance to smaller and newer members who often lack the resources of the larger and longer established older members.

Member Benefits

Bilateral Trade Linkages

  • Access to other ASEAN Chambers of Commerce under the terms of BiSEA - Britain in South East Asia
  • Action for Business Interests - A voice for business

Member Only Exclusive Invites

Human beings are social animals and need the type of stimulation available when interacting face-to-face with others. Today, as more and more people work out of their attics, basements, or spare bedrooms, it has become increasingly important for us to socialize, recharge our batteries, and preserve our sanity. Increase your visibility by attend our networking events and start relationships that will lead to strategic alliances, joint ventures, and referrals. Get connected with our Board of Directors and the key influencer in your industry.

Social & Networking events

Enjoy our social and networking events once you join us as a members. Throughout the years, we organize more than 25 events that allow you to meet & greet with all the members and increase in business referrals & new business contacts. You will be plugged into the BMCC’s business networking activities once you join.

Promotion & Exposure

​• Website

The BMCC would not be living up to its reputation of being the intuitive destination for British companies keen to do business in Malaysia if a borderless information station was absent from the face of search engines. BMCC’s official website serves as this very point of centrality, with prompt, regular updates on upcoming events, latest news from the Chamber and its members, exclusive promotions and more!

• E-Newsletter

Circulated every Monday, the BMCC’s weekly Newsletter was established with the aim of streamlining communications into a regular digest directly into our member’s inboxes. The newsletter contains weekly summaries and highlights of BMCC’s latest activities, both past and upcoming.

• Social Media

The avenue social media affords as a medium of communication has not been overlooked by the BMCC as we recognise the potential such a platform provides in reaching out to members and non-members alike. Interweaving between the tapestries of our social and professional livelihoods, BMCC is active on the main social providers as we bring you all the latest updates that are sure to appeal to anyone looking to expand their network, either at our formal business events or casual get togethers.