BiSEA Roadshow Returns

News16 Apr 2018

BiSEA, in co-operation with the UK ASEAN Business Council, Department for International Trade, Business West and North East of England Chamber of Commerce, would like to invite you to meet BiSEA representatives of Britchams to discuss export opportunities in each country for a 1-2-1 meeting at the following locations:

Email the contact persons to book your 1-2-1 Business Meetings at the respective locations

Monday 30 April - Manchester

Lynn Shaw -

Tuesday 1 May - Durham

Karen Berry -

Wednesday 2 May - Sheffield

Nick Patrick -

Thursday 3 May - Birmingham

Andy Smith -

Friday 4 May - Gloucester

Lucy Setter -

Tuesday 8 May - London

Guy Dru Drury -

Wednesday 9 May - Southampton

Sian Breimann -

Thursday 10 May - Slough

Anne White -

Friday 11 May - Ashford

Tudor Price -


The market specialists from Southeast Asian countries:

  • Chris Wren, Executive Director – British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia
  • Sridaran Sabapathy, Head of Trade – British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
  • Chris Nelson, Executive Director – British Chamber of Commerce Philippines
  • Olivia Widen, Executive Director – British Chamber of Commerce Singapore
  • Greg Watkins, Executive Director – British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
  • Peter Rimmer, Executive Director – British Business Group Vietnam

Download BiSEA Presentations for 2018
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South East Asia is a region where economic growth and development is expected to exceed the global average for the foreseeable future. With a wealth of natural resources, low-cost skilled labour, and a regional Free Trade Agreement, the great diversity of markets and opportunities are attractive across a wide range of sectors (some are listed below).

Steady growth combined with investor-friendly government policies have attracted businesses keen to explore the vibrant new domestic markets that are emerging. Entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity. South East Asia’s economic dynamism is substantially enhancing the buying power of a growing middle class that is driving new consumer demands for many products.

By 2030, South East Asia’s economy is predicted to eclipse Japan’s and be world’s 4th largest ‘single market’ after the EU, US and China. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) predicts that the size of the middle class in emerging Asia will increase from 24% of the population in 2010 to 65% in 2030. All of this leads to a ‘Community of Opportunities’.

South East Asia is comprised of markets with diverse socio-cultural differences as well as different legal and regulatory environments but all offer opportunities for UK exporters and investors in practically every sector, including but not limited to:

  • Education and skills – English language training, vocational training, STEM and equipment
  • Financial & professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare and Healthcare Equipment
  • Defence & Security
  • Energy / Environment – Renewable energy, especially waste to energy
  • Digital economy – FinTech, 4G, data centres, security equipment
  • Creative and media Industries broadcast and related technology and content for Digital channels
  • Agri-technologies
  • Food & drink products and food processing
  • Consumer and retail products especially British brands
  • Advanced engineering, including automotive and aerospace
  • Renewable energy, waste to energy
  • Services, including financial, business and professional
  • Hospitality / Tourism



BiSEA is the grouping of British chambers and Business Groups in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.