Education and Industry working together to nurture and Design & Manufacturing in Malaysia

Announcements, News8 Jan 2018

The BMCC is thrilled to support Youth Made Malaysia (YMM), an initiative created to connect schools and companies in Malaysia to help contextualize learning for design & technology students. It is an initiative set up by a Design & Technology teacher at Garden International School and focuses on real-world opportunities for students to help promote and encourage design, technology and manufacturing to flourish within education in Malaysia.

It has given students opportunities to work on real briefs brought to them by companies in industry as well as opportunities for work placements and internships. YMM allows students to go out on trips and visits and experience first hand the design processes that are happening in industry. YMM’s success already has meant there are branches of the initiative being set up now in the UK, UAE and Singapore giving worldwide opportunities for collaboration.

In Malaysia there are now almost 30 partner companies and 13 partner schools collaborating and the YMM are looking for more companies to help their students. The companies range from CAD providers and model-makers, to manufacturers and architects. If you are linked in some way to design, technology or manufacturing, they would love to have you on board. There is no commitment involved, and no financial input either, just helping out when you can, with what you can! Possible help for schools may include visits, competitions, design briefs, work experience and advice for schools. All they want is your expertise! These real links for students are so very important to get them further excited in design in the region.

YMM will promote your company and any associated events on our website, social media and through our partner schools in the area. This will form an integral part of your social corporate responsibility plans and will be fantastic exposure also.

Visit the YMM website here or get in touch with Ryan Ball at