Garden International School teams win F1 in Schools challenge

News18 Sep 2017

Kuala Lumpur, 9 September 2017 – Garden International school (GIS) teams claimed the top three winning places in this year’s F1 in Schools Challenge held at GIS today. Five teams from GIS - Lucendi, Flash, Apeiros, Pulse and Expedite, alongside three teams from Sri KDU International School, Nexus International School and Australian International School Malaysia raced their respective CO2-powered Formula 1 racing cars along a 20-meter track at the school’s foyer.

GIS’s team Flash and Apeiros won 2nd and 3rd place respectively, while designers of the fastest car, team Lucendi won 1st place with a race time of 1.182 seconds, setting a new F1 in Schools (SEAIS) record and qualifying them to compete abroad in the World Finals next year.

The teams were responsible for holistic aspects from the designing to the making of their racing cars as well as marketing their respective team and product. The GIS teams prepared for 6 months prior to the competition with funds from sponsors like Mercedes Benz, and have announced that they’ll be donating the remainder of the sponsorship funds to Make-A-Wish Malaysia.

This year’s competition was adjudicated by a total of six representatives from F1 in Schools Malaysia, Epsom College and GIS. Besides the speed of their respective race cars, the teams were also judged based on their overall product design both visually and technically, portfolio, verbal presentation, pit display and marketing strategy. Amongst the categories GIS teams won are Best Portfolio, won by team Apeiros and Best Verbal Presentation, won by team Pulse.

“What a fantastic day it was, and a real testament to the hard work all students have been putting in over the last few months” said Ryan Ball, Head of Design and Technology, GIS. “The skills and knowledge of the students has increased massively throughout this process, in a range of areas; not only engineering, design and manufacturing skills but also creativity, teamwork and perseverance. It was great to celebrate their successes and we look forward to working with Lucendi further in their preparation for the World Finals 2018!”