Outstanding Results at Alice Smith

News8 Sep 2017

Students at the Alice Smith School achieve excellent results in all public examinations. The three year rolling average for A Level results is 73% A* to B grades, with a 100% pass rate. Our students’ academic attainment is consistently amongst the best in the region and on par with leading schools in the UK.

This year almost a third of our graduating class achieved all straight A*/A grades, one student achieving 2A* 2As, four students 1A* 3As, seven students achieving 2A* 1A, eight students attaining 1A* 2As and two students with 3As. These results are a reflection of the students’ ability, commitment and ambition to achieve, the guidance and dedication of their teachers, and the support of their parents.

Our Year 11 students once again attained outstanding grades, with 70% of all results awarded at grades A* - A. The school reached the heights of 89% A* - B grades and 97% of all grades being A*- C. Our students’ academic achievements are exceptional.

However, an Alice Smith education is more than simply examination results. We nurture, inspire and enrich the lives and characters of young people through our broad, balanced and personalised approach, which includes our excellent Higher Education programme. This year over 80% of our students secured places at UK Russell Group and top world ranking universities including the University of Cambridge, St. Andrews University, University of Bath, McGill University, University of British Columbia and the University of Hong Kong.

Our Alice Smith scholars also achieved exceptional grades, being awarded 2A* 2As, 2A* 1A and two students with 1A* 2As.

Scholar Elyse Bree said, “Alice Smith has greatly changed my outlook on life. It has given me so much more confidence to strive for pursuits that I didn’t previously believe were possible. I am ready for whatever challenges I may face in the future”.

The Alice Smith School is the leading not-for-profit British international school in Kuala Lumpur. We are proud of our heritage in providing an outstanding and thriving all-round education based on the British curriculum for 3 to 18 year olds. www.alice-smith.edu.my