OBNI Sector Reports 2017 / 2018

The British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) works with UK exporters under the Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNI) through a team of dedicated sector specialists focusing primarily on British SMEs looking to bring their business to Malaysia.

The chamber offers bilateral trade assistance and is principally a one-stop shop providing a soft landing for UK firms in Malaysia, offering market research and knowledge exchange, guiding through legal and regulatory systems, facilitating business matching with local partners, clients or distributors, and risk management.

The Sector Reports below produced by the OBNI serves as a preliminary introduction that highlights the key features and factors relevant to some of the growing industries in Malaysia.

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OBNI Sector Report

Oil, Gas & Energy

Accounting for 20% of Malaysia’s national GDP, the Oil and Gas sector plays a vital role in Malaysia’s economy.

This report will expound available opportunities, the efforts made towards clean energy, the main actors and major events in the sector.

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Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage (F&B) sector is a relatively new sector to Malaysia. Yet with a market size of US$6 billion and a growth rate of 7%-10%, the sector is poised on becoming a relevant one.

This report introduces the Food & Beverage sector in Malaysia, including the opportunities, rules, regulations and market entry.

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Information, Communication & Technology

With government support since 1995 via the creation of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Malaysia is now poised to move its ICT industry higher up the value chain; from the role as manufacturer and exporter of ICT products to a provider and exporter of ICT services.

This report provides an understanding of the Information & Communications Technology sector in Malaysia, including the key areas of opportunities, and requisites of penetrating the ICT market here.

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Malaysia is fast becoming an ‘Educational Hub’ of the ASEAN region and is ranked the world’s 11th largest exporter of educational services. The UK is already contributing to Malaysia’s education goals, with a number of highly-regarded UK schools, colleges and universities having opened campuses in Malaysia.

This report serves as a precursor to the Education sector in Malaysia, its opportunities, conditions for registration of training providers and the role of the UK in championing higher quality education in Malaysia.

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Various elements highlight a strong retail market in Malaysia, including the steady growth in overall income which results in lower spending on basic commodities and more on diversified and sophisticated goods and services.

This report highlights the critical aspects of the Retail sector in Malaysia, including opportunities and an introduction to the main actors and events within the industry.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Growth in the construction sector continues to be propelled by the rail infrastructure projects, urban housing and
affordable housing segments. The private sector continues to steer Malaysia’s domestic demand with the bulk of private investment driven by ongoing infrastructure projects.

This OBNI Sector Report serves as an entry-level guide to the Malaysian Construction & Infrastructure industry, with an understanding of key opportunities in Civil Engineering, Transport, Sustainable Technology, Mixed Use Developments and Affordable Housing.

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Professional Services

Professional services in Malaysia support local and international businesses of all sizes over a wide range of industries by providing assistance such as consultation, project and service management as well as operational services.

This report offers the details on the various liberalisation efforts across the major professional services in Malaysia, including Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Architectural and Landscape services.

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According to the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MoH), healthcare was the fastest-growing industry between 2000 and 2009 and thus recognised as a key driver of economic growth.

This sector report includes a brief on the Malaysia’s healthcare budget allocations along with the various opportunities for growth in medical tourism, medical technology manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

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