Trade Services

Complete support for British companies seeking to do business in Malaysia

Trade Services

We work with our network of UK/Overseas British Chambers of Commerce and in-market colleagues in UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to help small and medium companies to identify opportunities and succeed in the Malaysian market. Because every company is different, our support differs too.

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What we do

We put together complex market entry strategies, at the same price as UK Trade & Investment, to support British companies. We identify route to market strategies to put together a tangible, cost effective market entry plan in place.

We help you understand the local market by analysing competitors’ structures, price points and consumer profiles and behaviours. By utilising our unique network of Chamber expertise, we also recommend partners that can help.

Each project we deliver is completely bespoke to the client – matched to the company’s specifications and requirements.

We’ve helped companies with the following solutions:

  • High quality market overview, research and analysis
  • Lists of potential business partners
  • Facilitating in-market visits, missions and events
  • Competitor and price point comparative analysis
  • Consumer analysis
  • Sales and marketing support such as product launch events
  • Support with ancillary issues such as legal, logistic and linguistic

And if we don’t have the answer to a question, then we put you in touch with someone who does. That’s the power of the chamber member network.

Account Managers

Each of our clients gets a dedicated Account Manager who is there to support the client from all ends of the project. Your Account Manager is your impartial guide to the market opportunity in Malaysia and there to help you navigate the names and organisations.


We know how important having an impartial advisor in market is, as well as guarding your company’s data and intentions. As a UKTI partner, we are covered by the 1998 Data Protection Act and we take guarding our clients’ data seriously. That’s why the contracts we sign with our clients having strict confidentiality clauses and we’ll never share data our clients ask us to keep confidential.


We’re a not for profit business organization partly funded by the government to deliver for UK companies. That means for complex market entry projects where we are spending more than a few hours on a client, we’ll put together a priced proposal for our clients.

Our consultancy servicing pricing is tagged to UKTI’s discounted services rates – at a standard 42.00 GBP per hour.

Each Account Manager puts together proposals which include very clear charging guidelines to enable clients to manage entry budgets effectively. When we refer to a partner or chamber member, then any commercial deal between you and them is a private discussion.