Advertise With The BMCC

BMCC members are entitled to exclusive advertising opportunities on our various platforms of communications. With over 250 member companies annually and dozens of internationally renown MNCs reaching over 50,000 employees, advertising with us is a sure way to make your brand known.

Marketing & Promotion

BMCC Website

The BMCC would not be living up to its reputation of being the intuitive destination for British companies keen to do business in Malaysia if a borderless information station was absent from the face of search engines. BMCC’s official website serves as this very point of centrality, with promt, regular updates on upcoming events, latest news from the Chamber and its members, exclusive promotions, members directory, with comprehensive step-by-step descriptions of all trade and services offered by our senior Overseas Business and Network Initiative (OBNI) team, forging an ideal berth for all one needs to know about the BMCC and more.

BMCC Weekly Newsletter

Circulated every Monday, the BMCC’s weekly e-Newsletter was established with the aim of streamlining communications into a regular digest directly into our member’s inboxes. The newsletter contains weekly summaries and highlights of BMCC’s latest activities, both past and upcoming.

This platform has proven to be an appealing platform for our members to share their news and promotions, thus providing an efficient sphere of virtual networking and exposure amongst members, with the BMCC serving as its catalyctic bridge.


The avenue social media affords as a medium of communication has not been overlooked by the BMCC as we recognise the potential such a platform provides in reaching out to members and non-members alike. Interweaving between the tapestries of our social and professional livelihoods, BMCC is active on the main social media providers as we bring you all the latest updates that is sure to appeal to anyone looking to expand their network, either at our formal business events or our casual get-togethers.