BMCC Trade Services Helps UK Companies Seeking to Do Business in Malaysia

Venturing into an overseas market can be a challenging task especially for SMEs who are new to that market. Our experienced Sector Specialists are able to aid new UK ventures into Malaysia by offering free of charge professional advice to mitigate any qualms a company may have on operating in our market. Each response is tailor-made with the utmost relevance and accuracy, and serves as a preliminary introduction to doing business in Malaysia.

1. Market Research Report

1. Market Research Report

Venturing to an overseas market can be a challenging task especially for businesses who are new to exporting. Our team of sector specialists are able to provide a tailored industry market research report which typically covers:

• Sector and Sub-sector Analysis

• Key Market Trends

• Regulatory System Overview

The Overall aim of the report is to provide relevant industry information to assist UK companies with an entry strategy

2. Business Matching

2. Business Matching

We can identify partners in Malaysia by creating a validated list of counter-parties who would serve in the interest of our UK clients. We will then contact the local companies, gauge their interest and arrange meetings if we receive a positive response.

3. Event Management Service (EMS)

3. Event Management Service (EMS)

We provide end-to-end event management which includes:

• Building a guest list

• Product launches

• Seminars

• Market briefings

• Business roundtables

• Receptions

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