SJIS Collaborates with Sandbox Asia - Equipping Students for a Digital Ready Future

21 Oct 2019


St. John’s International School (SJIS) proudly joined hands with Sandbox Asia, an organisation catered for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). This memorable mark, held at SJIS’ ICT Laboratory 1, Campus 2, stands as a contemporary educational platform with the objective of preparing children for a digital-ready future.

Looking ahead, SJIS intends to be fully engaged as a 21st century skills-ready school, inclusive of holistic education which places an emphasis on STEAM. This would likewise assure that the pupils are ready for Industry 4.0.

SJIS is doing its part in emphasising students’ focus on both sports and clubs, while being academically driven. The inclusion of Sandbox Asia in SJIS has opened pathways for the introduction of tech-savvy clubs such as Game Development Club, Robotics Club and Drone Club. These clubs have shown promising functions thus far, with students and teachers being actively engaged in futuristic developments.

“Our teachers have undergone a streaming workshop to be further equipped with digital knowledge and exposure in soft skills to welcome technological advances in education,” quoted Mr Suresh Dass, the Principal of SJIS. He added that the merge is essential as it can open successful career and life pathways for the students in the future.

The exchange of documents between both parties officiated the merge. With a collaborative plan in mind, SJIS looks forward to ensure its students and teachers welcome the changes on board, and expand their horizons on programming and coding skills, namely Phyton, C++ and SQL.

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