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Issue #200 -11 May 2020

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Tomorrow, 12 May at 11am

BMCC - Standard Chartered
Regional Economic Outlook and FX Strategy

This remarkable crisis has dealt a worldwide economic standstill. No individual or business is truly prepared nor protected. From a single point of origin, the outbreak has sprawled to affect even the major economies and global superpowers of this current era. National containment measures have somewhat levelled the curve, but at great costs to economic vitality. And yet, the risk of recurrence remains.

With no historical pattern to draw upon, these measures combined with major monetary and stimulus packages and risk perceptions have created a volatile and unpredictable business environment especially in the FX market. Have we done enough to salvage our economy, or are our financial markets beyond recovery? Join us for an interactive discussion on:

• How financial markets are reacting to the crisis
• How the containment measures are impacting the market at different levels - nationally, regionally globally
• Mitigation measures to manage the impact
• The FX strategies to consider for now, and in the preparedness for recovery

This webinar is open to public and FREE for BMCC members!*
With a team of Trade Specialists situated within the Chamber and supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT) UK, the BMCC is keen and eager to help UK companies with setting up in Malaysia. What’s more, our membership base of 270 companies across a wide range of industry and sectors are also equipped with relevant expertise, and can support you in the following:
(1) Corporate Services (2) Financial Services (3) Legal Services (4) Real Estate Solutions (5) Recruitment & Talent Solutions (6) Logistics & Relocation Services

2nd BMCC Higher Education Committee Meeting 2020 Held Virtually

The BMCC Higher Education Committee had their 2nd meeting for 2020 virtually. This meeting, held on 22 April 2020, was chaired by Prof. Graham Kendall from University of Nottingham and attended by 20 members.

The main agenda was to discuss the challenges currently faced by the Higher Education (HE) sector in response to the Covid crisis, to share insights and best practises, and to collectively decide on a series of initiatives to address these issues. The Committee also discussed on-going projects and decided to relook at some of the current projects considering the current situation.

In the meantime, there will be a couple of upcoming webinars on the HE sector being planned. The first one will be Trends Across Higher Education Systems in ASEAN with a focus on Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar & Vietnam on 20 May. Register here or more details below. 

Please feel free to contact phoebe@bmcc.org.my for more information. 
2nd BMCC Education Committee (3 to 18 years) Meeting

The BMCC Education Committee (3 to 18 years) held its second committee meeting on 4 May 2020, after its inception last November. Adapting to the new normal due to current circumstances, the meeting was conducted via Zoom video conference platform. Chaired by Roger Schultz, Head of the Alice Smith International School, the committee was delighted to welcome 11 fellow new members of the private international schools in Malaysia and education-related organisations. The Committee now comprise of 18 active BMCC corporate members from the sector. 

As a main agenda to the meeting, members shared the challenges faced by their schools and organisation from the COVID-19 outbreak and Movement Control Order (MCO) and the impact to their operations. Some of the key challenges included uncertainty of international travel restriction affecting their staff, limited guidance in carrying out the SOPs especially for boarding schools, exploring alternative teaching approach and impact on revenue due to possible withdrawals by parents.. Despite the challenges, the members remain positive, and identified several initiatives to be carried out by the Committee to address some of the concerns.

Please feel free to contact rohazwan@bmcc.org.my for more information
Department for International Trade Survey

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has launched a survey of British business across Asia Pacific, including Malaysia, to better understand the impact of Covid-19 and how DIT can best support British business. 

The survey should take about 5 minutes and is open until 22 May. All responses will be treated anonymously unless a respondent gives their details at the end of the survey.
To get in touch with DIT separately, please email DIT.APAC@fco.gov.uk
ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme

The Carbon Trust is working on behalf of UK Aid in the delivery of the ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme (LCEP)*, a donor funded programme, focused on improving energy efficiency across the region.

The aim of this work is to help companies in the Food & Beverage sector realise the importance of energy efficiency, identify energy savings opportunities, and take steps to set up new energy management systems or improve existing systems. In addition, supporting UK-linked companies with a supply chain presence in the region to reduce their upstream impacts is a key objective of the programme.

The following support will continue until March 2022 and will be offered to F&B companies at no cost. 

To revisit our latest BMCC webinar on "Mental Health: Adapting in Challenging Times" on 6 May with the Malaysian Mental Health Association and Riverside Consulting UK, you may watch the webinar recording here: https://youtu.be/zz-dH9lJiZ0
Crisis Management and Business Continuity in Times of Uncertainty (Webinar, 14 May)

The spread of COVID-19 has affected almost all businesses, large or small. With many countries on lockdown, companies are forced to critically evaluate the impact and mitigate the risks on its operations, people and governance. In this upcoming webinar, experts from Deloitte Malaysia will be sharing insights into crisis management and practical measures for companies to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on:

• Business Continuity Management (BCM)
• Crisis Management & Practical Response
• Organisational Capabilities & Resilient Leadership

Trends Across Higher Education Systems in ASEAN with a focus on Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar & Vietnam (Webinar, 20 May)

The BMCC is delighted to collaborate with Tribal Group, British Council, and the British Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia and Myanmar, and British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV) on this initiative.This webinar will give the audience an insight into trends across ASEAN in the Higher Education (HE) sector. It will have a specific focus on Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. Some of these key markets are less well known than others and they represent new opportunities for engagement for the HE sector in the UK. Key topics:

• The state of HE in ASEAN and the direction they are heading
• Comparison between ASEAN countries
• What opportunities are available for UK HE institutions & organisations
• Updates based on recent developments

More information here | Contact phoebe@bmcc.org.my
The Future of International Trade in Uncertain Times: Malaysia & ASEAN Region (Webinar, 21 May)

Beset by extraordinary circumstances that could well define the new decade, there exists a great deal of ambivalence in the global economy. As businesses yearn for answers and solutions in these uncertain times, the BMCC alongside HSBC will strive to provide some enlightenment by bringing together financial experts to deconstruct both established and potential measures to mitigate prevailing impacts on the current and future fate of international trade in Malaysia.

• Outlook of international trade in the ASEAN region
• Current impact on organisations and businesses in Malaysia
• Sustainable approaches to mitigate the impact
• Opportunities for UK businesses in Malaysia
• What should Companies Do Now to prepare for recovery

How Malaysia is coping with COVID-19 and the Mitigation Measures: MIDA's Role to Sustain Quality Investment Post COVID-19  (Webinar, 14 May) BMCC Supported Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainties. As a result, effective communications through digital solutions such as today's webinar is a critical tool to ensure information flow and clarity in handling the on-going situation. 

UKABC Digital Export Series: Successful Growth in Malaysia (Webinar, 2 June) BMCC Supported Event

Decades of growth and stability have helped make Malaysia an industrialised, relatively open economy with consistent growth. As Malaysia’s new Prime Minister takes to the helm, we hear about the early indications of the potential for increasing UK-Malaysia trade. Malaysia offers opportunities across a wide range of sectors for UK exporters.

The BMCC along with in-country experts will join UKABC in finding out what local assistance is available to help ease the passage of UK exporters into the market.

Supermax Lending Support to the Brave Frontline Workers in the Battle Against Covid-19 
The frontliners in the battle against the novel coronavirus Covid-19 have been working tirelessly to keep the deadly pandemic at bay. They include the healthcare workers who have been saving lives and caring for the ill; and the Police and Army personnel who have been maintaining order and enforcing movement control directives. 
Supermax truly appreciates the efforts of these corona warriors and has endeavoured to do its part by providing them with gloves, a very important PPE. We are happy to inform that we had donated and co-sponsored a total of 11.9 million gloves to the frontliners in Wuhan, the epicentre of the pandemic, and a further 6 million gloves to our own frontliners in Malaysia. Our wish is for everyone to stay safe and healthy and together we will overcome this global threat.
COVID-19 Impact on Malaysian Businesses

What does the local accounting community view the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in Malaysia?

Download your copy of the latest report from ACCA based on the insights of more than 900 top accounting and finance professionals in Malaysia.

"Frustration, it is a common mistake" - Termination of agreement arising from Covid-19

Governments around the world have taken extraordinary measures to curb the novel and mutating Covid-19 to alleviate its economic consequences. In the struggle to get a grip on the virus’s devastating effect, businesses, large and small, are taking matters into their own hands and exploring ways to mitigate losses by terminating commercial agreements which have been rendered redundant or simply no longer viable. Many seek to do so without risk or penalty. The doctrine of common mistake may, in certain circumstances, provide the answer that companies are looking for. Continue reading article

*Edwin Coe LLP is a member of the Global Law network Ally Law and associated with RLSE
Sunway Medical Centre: COVID-19 Test, Latest Update

Due to overwhelming response, we are now accepting patients by appointment only. Appointments need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the test date. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Together, we can #FlattenTheCurve

Exclusive arrangements for corporates:
On-site COVID-19 tests

For more information, feel free to drop an email to Brigitte Jong at brigittejsl@sunway.com.my
Investment Opportunity in PurelyB (12 May)

At PURELYB, we've received an overwhelming surge in demand for our traditional Asian superfood products 'Pegaga by PurelyB' and in our online health programmes - as consumers seek trusted health brands to give them and their families a stronger fighting chance in fighting covid-19 and other diseases.

We are now extending investment opportunities to our community for as low as USD$500 per investment! Join us on our exciting growth journey as we fulfil growing demand across multi-countries through our digital platform and expand our Traditional Asian Superfoods line in Elderly health, Kids health and Post-Natal wellness and more!

Join PurelyB CEO, Jesrina Arshad this TUESDAY 12th MAY 3PM (GMT +8) for an interactive ZOOM webinar fireside chat.

Kosong-Kosong. Let's Start at Zero! With Cycle & Carriage

Zero interest financing and zero interest 12-month instalment for down payment means you can drive home a Mercedes-Benz with zero upfront payment! Hurry to Cycle & Carriage and save more than RM50,000 with our Raya Package. 

St. John's International Primary School & Sunnyvale Preschool Virtual Open Week (11-16 May)
Discover endless opportunities for a brighter future right at your fingertips from home. All are welcome to be a part of St. John’s International Primary School Virtual Open Week from 11th to 16th May 2020, where you will be able to Join our FB LIVE sessions @sjis.official And to culminate the week, you’re welcome to join us in our Virtual Open Day and have a 1-to-1 virtual consultation with our dedicated Marketing team on the 16th of May 2020, from 9am- 8pm. Register with us and enjoy exclusive discounts. For more on our programmes, please register here. Or contact us at:

Phone: 012-9831040 (Active during the MCO)
E-mail: primary@sjis.edu.my
Website: www.sjis.edu.my
The International School @ ParkCity KL Online Open Day (16 May)

We invite you to join our Online Open Day on the 16th May 2020 via video conference.

The Online Open day will start at 11:00 am and will be led by Jonathan Turner, Principal of ISP. He will be joined by the Head of Primary School, Miss Rebecca Findlay and Mr Simon Taylor, Head of Secondary School.

Click info or register here
Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park – Virtual Open Day (15 May)
Your Amazing Learning partner is back with another edition of Virtual Open Day. Sit back, relax and discover the Amazing Learning experience through our Campus Principal talk and breakout session with Head of Schools & Admissions Team.
Book your session with us and you’ll get to enjoy exclusive promo.
Fee Freeze at Sri KDU International School!

FEE FREEZE ALERT! There will be no fee increase for the September 2020 intake at Sri KDU International School. This applies for both the Entry Fees and the Tuition Fees. A special discount available for registrations during Digital Open Week (12th - 19th May 2020). T&C Apply. 

To learn more about the school, join our LIVE School Preview on 16th May 2020 at:
10:00 a.m. - Primary  
2:30 p.m. – Secondary 

Highfield Qualifications are offering FREE online training in infection control and prevention
This valuable learning activity now includes a module about COVID-19 and also covers core Infection Prevention and Control principles and is designed to help individuals and businesses understand how to prevent and control infections and why it is important to do so, and it’s FREE.

This is a great way for learning institutions and companies to be supportive to staff at home or maintaining essential services in the workplace, and also helps keep contact with them. It is also an excellent pathway for managers and supervisors to attend our 1 day ‘Level 2 International Award for Infection Prevention and Control for the Workplace’ qualification.

Register for a free course Contact rkindness@highfieldinternational.com for further information
Take Yourself Off Mute

I-graduate (part of the Tribal Group) is running a COVID-19 Response Barometer across institutions globally. This project is being administered free of charge with the purpose of helping institutions assess and benchmark their response to COVID-19 by listening to the voice of their student populations. It will focus on communications from the institution and also the online learning experience where applicable.

We have specially designed the 5-minute survey to be anonymous and free of charge. Whilst the survey is live, the institution will have access to an online dashboard, showing the key results against the global benchmark updated every 4 hours.  
Register for survey | Contact guy.perring@i-graduate.org for further details
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