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Asia Remote Site Health & Corporate Wellness Conference 2016

6 Jun 2016


The Asia Remote Site Health & Corporate Wellness Conference 2016 is bringing together leading experts in the fields of occupational health, clinical medicine, and global security for the fifth consecutive year.

We are pleased to introduce a new conference track focusing on Corporate Wellness, a mega-trend impacting organisations of all sizes and industries.

This conference will challenge you to explore innovative solutions from specialists and practitioners that will keep your employees healthy and safe, whether they are working from remote sites or corporate offices.

This year’s agenda covers an exciting range of topics:

· Our Conference Theme & Plenary Session: The Healthy Worker Effect
· Special Country Focus: Iran - Mitigating Your Risks and Maximising Opportunities
· Balancing HSE Operations and Cost Efficacy for Remote Sites in Today’s Environment
· An Outlook into the Future of Digital Health
· Creating Mindfulness at Work - the Secret of the Super CEO

· Major Incident Response for Remote Sites

· Start Small, Grow Big: Discovering the Wellness Journey

Join us at this diverse platform and network with like-minded people, share best practices and learn unique insights that you can implement within your organisation.

Complimentary conference passes offered to BMCC members who register before 1st July 2016.

To register or find out more info: visit www.arhc.asia

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