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Sri KDU International School INFO Day

12 Jun 2017


Sri KDU International Schools offer the full UK National Curriculum for Year 1 to Year 9, IGCSE (Year
10 and Year 11) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Year 12 and Year 13). In
our primary school, the curriculum is delivered by 100% expatriate teachers in the thematic way
practised in the UK. As students move on to IGCSE, we encourage students to choose a broad and
balanced curriculum in order to achieve the over-arching ICE Diploma.

Our pedagogy, which is based on “Building Learning Power”, encourages leadership and independent
learning. The key learning skills of resilience, reflection, resourcefulness and reciprocity are built in
across all curriculum areas, including our Co-Curricular Learning (CCL) programme.

SKIS will be having an Info Day for families to visit the school and discover how children are provided
with structured and stimulating learning experiences. Here’s what we have lined up for the Info Day:


10.00am Primary & Secondary School Preview

11.00am International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Preview

Ongoing Activities

• Enquiries and registrations

• School tours

Join us at our Info Day to meet members of our teaching community!

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